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Hey readers, so sorry I haven’t posted for so long!! I’ve been super busy with school and “work” recently. Of course, as you can probably guess by the title of this post, my work has been orders from others. A friend asked me if I would make some hats for her to give as Christmas gifts. Of course I said absolutely!! She sent me some pictures of what she wanted the items to look like and I tried my best to whip them up. One of the patterns (middle two hats in the picture to the left) I had to design myself, so stay tuned for that ;) Hoping to get it tested sometime soon… it depends on how busy things are after Christmas I suppose. Another one of the hats, the knitted one on the far left of the picture, I just did a basic knit stitch in the round and pulled it together at the top before binding off. The third pattern I used was Summer Fun Hats by Pam Daley.

And my friend loved the hats, especially the one I designed, so she asked for a scarf to match! Hoping to get the scarf tested soon, too.

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