I Needed a Bookmark…

Jun 3, 2013 by

I Needed a Bookmark…

…so I knitted a Twisted Eyelet Bookmark(Ravelry download only) by Blythe Quelin!

I just made this bookmark today so I thought I’d show it to you! I recommend this pattern to anyone who just knows how to cast on, bind off, and these basic stitches: k (knit), p (purl), k2tog (knit 2 stitches together), and yo (yarn over).

This was a very fun and easy project that kept me busy for about an hour (more or less). It is so simple to make, yet it looks so intricate and pretty. The pattern is very well written. For my bookmark, I did rows 1-16 twice, but stopped with row 14 for the 2nd repeat. I just did my normal bind off, because I couldn’t figure out how the pattern said to bind off :)

After I blocked it (wet the bookmark and pinned it out to dry), the bookmark was 8.75 inches by 3 inches.

Here are some pictures of my Twisted Eyelet Bookmark(Ravelry download only) by Blythe Quelin:

June 2013 003 June 2013 006

June 2013 004 June 2013 005

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